6 Popular Types Of Web Designs

Web designing is the process of creating websites by incorporating aspects such as web layout, web structure, user interface, navigation, font, gallery, colour and background among other aspects.

Types of web layouts

There are a number of web design layouts that are offered at web design Birmingham> that clients can choose from when creating web designs or their clients depending on the purpose intended for the website. Below, we are going to provide an insight on the most popular types of layouts available at web design Birmingham agency;

Static Page Layout

This type of a layout that is used to obtain a specific width for the website so as to ensure the width does not change on the browser but it allows for one to zoom in on interesting bits.

Dynamic Website Layout

This type can be in two forms; either in Simple or Complex form which will be dependent on the client’s needs. This type of a layout makes it easy to add and manage content with the help of a Content Management System.

Fixed Design Layout

In this type of a layout, it usually has a fixed width with each component inside having either fixed widths or a certain percentage of width. This is created with the general assumption that the average screen resolution of a user is 1024*768 or higher.

Responsive Design Layout

This type of a layout allows for images and texts on different screens to be adjusted to forms that can easily be read and navigated.

Liquid or Fluid Design Layout

The liquidity in this type of a layout comes from the aspect that allows content in a page to spread itself out to fill the space on the browser. This helps the website to work well on any type of a browser.

Single Page Design Layout

This is the most popular type of design layout specifically those that enables one to have a complete overview with just one scroll.